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SAM&MAX - Hit The Road

This month I took a ride down Nostalgia Lane.

(Not this one in New York) But thanks to I was able to download one of my favourite old games 'Sam & Max: Hit The Road'

We used to have it on a stone old computer that ran on MS DOS - which hardly ever worked at the best of times.

I don't think I was ever able to complete the game as a kid, cause it would always crash.

Getting into that big ol fish to get up to the Largest ball of Twine restaurant.

Growing and shrinking inside the Mystery Vortex

Not to forget those great secret mini-games! (you gotta get them from the Snuckeys!)

Love dressing up with the pope hat and wedding dress. Ha. I was surprised how much of the game I remembered how to play considering I haven't played it in probably well over 15 years? It played through really well, Bumpusville was the only place I got stuck on for a while. I love the pixel art, and the controls. Scrolling through the actions with the right click. Jazz Jackrabbit is also definitely on the list to play!

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